So your mix is finished & you have tried all the online so called mastering services & you arent hearing what you heard when you created the music. We use our ears & the best mastering software to give you the very best version of your tracks.
We produce sound with a mix of analog and digital techniques hence our motto "Analogue Soul with a Digital Heart." We record drums, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals as well as digital audio fx in our Bradenton FL. studio as well as our members private studios around the world to be mixed here and abroad
Got a great song but arent so hot with the mix process? We can help teach you how to do a better mix or we can mix it up for you. We use some of the best software to "mix in the box" & our ears to create the best mix of your tracks possible at a price thats very competitive.
We have the talent on staff for your next software overdub or character for film, television, or even commercials. Need a narrator for a training film? Do you need a voice over artist to extoll the virtues of your products or services? Call us!
We love taking 30 to 40 year old cassette tapes and bringing it into the computer and cleaning it up for your listening pleasure. It is amazing what can be done to repair an audio files sound now a days and we use the best tools on the market.

Sonic Pixels Recording Studio

Are we a small boutique studio? Proudly we say yes! but with a HUGE difference from most home based recording studios. We Are International! and as such we are exposed to a wider variety of music styles as well as techniques in producing the best sound possible.

We are experienced! ahhh Jimmy if only you were alive today, I think you would dig our friendly personalized experience. We have both amateur and professional audio experience in recording as well as performing on and off stages both large and small and enough age to have experienced the 70s as well as the Millenium and all the music in between.

Mix Engineering

Mix Engineering
Learn about our mix engineering services (more to come)

Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering
The loudness wars are over and mastering has gone digital you can even get a song mastered by online services (not reccomended) It takes a trained ear to take a good mix

Sound Production

Sound Production
From simple but catchy jingles created for you or your companies ad campaign we can produce audio, Sonic pixels has the talent in house and on tap and around the world

Are we competitive?

You bet your sweet bippy we are ( A bippy is an archaic term for a man bun) We keep overhead low and mix and record in the box with great success. We can make your track sound vintage or modern it is up to you and your song and we believe in charging a fair and reasonable price and never gouge. (We are kinda hard nosed about that).

We are musicians from several walks of life each with his or her own tastes in music styles but we all agree music is life and we love making great music come to life with our own tracks or yours.

With talent from around the world on hand for any project.

Drums or percussion, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, are our strong suits when composing or playing or we can take your stems and mix and master them and hand you back a ready made song fit for distribution and we can help budding artists get their music in front of their fans on all the streaming platforms.