Artist Band Promotion – Social Media Kung Fu

Somethin' In The Air - Groove Scoundrels

Full Production Sonic Pixels

EPK? Press kit? social media, facebook, twitter, whats app, periscope, facebook, live, instagram, merch, being social, building fans, from a kit and direct from the fan store, facetime DMs brb afk

With our integration with Kinetic Servers we are a full service shop for making you sound good and making you look good to your ever growing cadre of fans We can show you how to maximize the exposure you need and how to get paid while doing it. From advising on best practices to get the most for your gig. to making money thru merch, endorsements, as well as plastering your face or band everywhere. PR and Social Media are kinda where we cut our business teeth and being musicians ourselves, who have been thru it all, we can help you avoid the shady characters whose only thought is a paycheck. We want to see you succeed and succeed BIG (that just makes us look better) We dig its not an easy arena to rock but we got big bats.