Audio Mastering

Master Your Song Properly with Sonic PixelsMastering

The loudness wars are over and mastering has gone digital you can even get a song mastered by online services (not reccomended) It takes a trained ear to take a good mix whether its one we have done here at Sonic Pixels or a mix session handed to us for mastering. Either way our actual human ears listen and find the best tweaks and mastering moves to make your song loud, clear, consistent for your specified genre another step most online services dont take into account…

We use the best software with our trained Mastering Engineers to create the best possible track from your mix but still keeping it dynamic and not so compressed that the life has been squeezed out of it. We measure loudness using the Youlean Loudness meter to make sure your track is ready for radio, or TV.

With every mastered track we give you your master wave file along with a print of the loudness metering giving you peace of mind that your track was mastered properly for streaming, radio, television.

We are international!!!

With the technology available to us and access to trained ears in Bradenton FL USA and in Birmingham UK along with the ability to host your files from anywhere in the world for easy access for you with secured systems to keep your stems and final masters out of the hands of unauthorized users I’m sure you will agree no matter where you and your band is located, Sonic Pixels can make sure your intelectual property is safe from prying eyes.