Audio Production / Audio Recording



From simple but catchy jingles created for you or your companies ad campaign we can produce audio, Sonic pixels has the talent in house and on tap and around the world. IN Bradenton we have a small “sweet” sounding room with one of nicest computer based in the box mixing with a Focusrite Scarlett and Octe Pre with very low latency and we caan record up to 192kHz but usually record at 96kHz 24bit

Why 96kHz?

Some will claim the often characterized pro-96kHz contingent as simply thinking, “it goes up to 11, so it must be better.” That’s a bit of a straw man argument, though. Proponents of 96kHz, in fact, point to studies on converter performance at higher sample rates, localization information in audio streams, and bring out the one argument no one can refute: “It sounds better to me.” Whether it’s the placebo effect, hearing acuity, or some as yet unquantified technical issue, some engineers and producers with impeccable audio credentials swear that files recorded at 96kHz simply sound better.

Contentious arguments aside almost all studios placing music in film and television are wanting the music at higher sample rates… 44.1kHz just wont cut it, nor will music recorded at 44.1 or even 48kHz be accepted. We have found there is also the added benefit of lower latency, sometimes nil depending on your interface, with no dropouts which in our estimation is the best reason to record at 96kHz (It does in fact sound better to our ears) and when mixing we simply dial in the playback latency to be nil as well and with our beefy PCs tricked out with the right processors, ram and SSDs our machines can handle the load without that aweful glitching that makes digital clipping sound good. We record as high as needed to serve the song and its intended use and with so much music out there vying for peoples attention making your million from thoudsands of spotify stream would be nice but getting your music placed in a tv show or commercial or even film is sometimes a quicker route to getting your music in front of far more fans. So yeah 96kHz we do it we love it and we wont quit because if it does indeed go to 11 we are gonna shoot for 12.