Zen and the Art of Studio Maintenance: Synth Guitar

One of the things you MUST do when running a pro studio of any size (well maybe not in the big places they got folks to fix stuff for them) is fix and maintain your gear. Keeping your instruments, microphones, interface, mixers, speakers, keyboards, PC or Mac in top notch condition. Changing out strings is a must and keeping the guitars looking good as well as playing good is paramount to making a rocking work environment for you and any talent that comes in you dont want to pick up a mic and not have it work or spend hours getting a patch to work this costs you time and money and reputation.

To that end I spent the day today researching how to fix or repair the GK3 Divided pickup on my synth guitar. It was having intermitteent issues on the G and D strings and after some hunting around on the web I found this excellent video from a cat with the same issue. Turns out his problem and mine as well and so many others were exactly the same! It wasnt a loose wire on one of the pickups or even a cold solder joint, but a simple mechanical issue… from the factory… The cable that runs out of the divided pick up is strained reliefed by a small steel plate that is crimped very tightly around the cable and can cause shorts from squeezing the smaller wires for each pole so tightly The solution? do away with Rolands nefarious scheme to sell more divided pickups for $220! The fix is simple and if you think this issue is the same as yours try my fix first. No need to strip everythig down like the guy in the video did but try simply bending up the 2 small leg pieces that are crimping the outer jacket and see if your pickup comes back on what ever string was having issues. if this did solve your issue find what ever is close at hand, tape hot glue, or epoxy putty like I did. Once I had bent back the crimping legs and reattached the plate I simply made up a small bit of amoxie putty to hold everything in place so as not to cause further issues. Now to be fair I dont kow if Roland had this as a planned obselescence or not but someone needs to let them know that the crimping is just too tight and a better way of providing strain relief on the divided pickup cable is needed I love my Roland GR55 and Im glad the fix was so very simple let me know how you get on with your maintainence.!

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